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A conference by Dr. Hafed Abdouli, the Libyan Center for Archives and Historical Studies (Tripoli, Libya), next Wednesday (May 29 at 5.30 PM): “From Tripolitania to Tarabulus: new readings and datas regarding the transition from Antiquity to the Middle Ages”/ محاضرة د. حافظ العبدولي، المركز الليبي للمحفوظات والدراسات التاريخية (طرابلس، ليبيا) 29 مايو 2024 (5.30 م): من تريبوليتانيا إلى طرابلس. قراءات ومعطيات جديدة حول المرحلة الانتقالية بين العصرين القديم والوسيط

Dear friends and colleagues, the LibMed team is delighted to share the news that our friend Hafed Abdouli (University of Sfax, Tunisia) has been invited to deliver a talk at the Libyan Center for Archives and Historical Studies (Tripoli, Libya)...


Between Ṭarābulus and Aṭrābulus. The journey of the toponym and difficulties in determining its form / بين طرابلس وأطرابلس: رحلة الطوبونيم وحيرة في ضبط شكله

Mohamed GHODHBANE (University al-Manar/Tunis, Tunisia) Introduction The actual capital city of Libya is called Ṭarābulus al-Ġarb. It was Ṭarābulus under the Hafsids and Aṭrābulus under the Umayyads, but we find both for the Fatimid-Zirid period. Arabic sources, official documents and...


The jurisprudential corpus and the history of Ibadism in medieval Libya: additions and difficulties / استغلال المدوّنة الفقهيّة الإباضيّة في دراسة تاريخ ليبيا الوسيط بين الإضافات والصعوبات: كتاب اللقط نموذجا

Houcine KHLIFI (University of Sousse, Tunisia) Introduction This study questions the relations between fiqh and history through the lense of Kitāb al-Luqaṭ by al-Šammāḫī. According to al-Warǧilānī, the imam Abū l-Ḫaṭṭāb established the first Ibāḍī emirate near Tripoli (in Ṣayyād) in 140/757. Later, in the...


Shedding light on some Islamic sites and buildings in Cyrenaica / أضواء على مواقع ومنشآت إسلامية بإقليم برقة

Zuha Sa’d al-Sadiq (Omar al-Mukhtar University, El-Beyda) Cyrenaica entered the Islamicate under ʿAmr b. al-ʿĀṣ (governor of Egypt) as a ṣulḥ province against the payment of a regular ḫarāǧ which amounted to 13,000 dinars. Barqa became the western [military] basis from where expeditions could be...


New insight on the major Libyan tribes from the Antiquity to the Middle Ages/الجديد حول كبرى القبائل الليبية من القديم إلى الوسيط/7-10 م

A. M’Charek (Prof. Emeritus, University of Tunis) This presentation revolves around the reassessment of the role played by the Berber tribes in Libya from Antiquity to the Middle Ages. The “old thesis” postulates the arrival of the “New Berbers” at...


LibMed Webinar 2023-2024

وبينار ليبميد 2023-2024 The first session has been postponed to October 4, 6.00 PM (CET). The official poster of our new programme is available (pdf and jpeg). Feel free to circulate! Our first session hosts on Wednesday 20 September our...


International symposium — Patrimoines en Libye et au Maghreb (Tunis, 19 and 20 June, 2023)

The LibMed team attended the international conference organized by IRMC Tunis to tackle many issues raised by the Libyan heritage (archaeological, manuscript and cultural). A workshop dedicated to the manuscript collections in Libya today followed at the National Library of...

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