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المخطوطات في ليبيا. الحالة الراهنة وما نجهل. المكتبة المركزية في جامعة بنغازي كدراسة حالة

by Entesar Bianco (Mohamed al-Senoussi University, al-Bayda, Libya) انتصار بيانكو جامعة محمد بن علي السنوسي، البيضاء، ليبيا The talk opened a series of sessions dedicated to the issue of manuscripts in Libya. The general reference on the topic remains Shambesh...


A conference by Intiṣār Biānkū on Wednesday 29 March 2023 / محاضرة انتصار بيانكو يوم الأربعاء 29 مارس 2023

Wednesday 29 March 2023 (21.00 CET and 21.00 Libya Time), we’ll have the pleasure to host the sixth session of our monthly webinar Revisiting the History of Medieval Libya, 7th-16th centuries (cycle 2022-2023). On Zoom, Intiṣār Biankū (Mohamed al-Senoussi University, al-Bayda, Libya)...


S. Garnier and A. Montel will talk about « La Libye vue du Sud. Perspectives historiques et historiographiques sur Ghadamès à l’époque médiévale », in Paris on Friday, March 10 (10.00 AM)

The seminar Mondes sahariens : sources, espaces, sociétés, VIIIe-XIXe siècle organized by the team SaharaMed has invited Sébastien Garnier and Aurélien Montel (LibMed) to talk about Ghadames in the Medieval Period. Here is the videoconference link for those who...

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